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Our Services

Cell Phone Boosters


We, at Ehlers, can solve your cell phone reception problems for your home, business, metal buildings, cars, trucks, campers, & pretty much anything! We offer both residential and commercial grade options.

Security Cameras


We, at Ehlers, offer security camera options for your home, business, or even your case you want to check on the animals. We offer residential and commercial grade options. Everything from DVR systems to WiFi cameras.

Home WiFi Solutions


We, at Ehlers, have options to get the most out of your internet! Do you need better WiFi coverage? Do you want your internet that's at your home to be usable in another building on your property We can offer solutions to these needs and take care of wiring as well. We can help plan for these options when building new construction. Feel free to talk to us about what's recommended for your particular set-up when building your home or additional buildings on your property.

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